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Rental Space

Welcome to the Maritime Center!

- MINOR Improvements PT has relocated to Alplaus (town of Glenville).


- At The Maritime Center we're dedicated to providing a variety of services to children and adolescents (birth – 21 years only).

- Our 10,000 square foot building gives us the opportunity to invite other dynamic pediatric providers to join our team.


- A limited number of rental spaces are available for complementary practitioners with a strong interest in collaborating on whole child health and wellness.  

  •   Occupational Therapy

  •   Speech Therapy

  •   Pediatric Sports Medicine/Athletic Trainers

  •   Social Work

  •   Psychological Services

  •   Massage Therapy

  •   Craniosacral Therapy

  •   Pediatric/Family-based yoga classes

Eligible tenants will

  •   have extensive pediatric experience and training

  •   maintain current licensure / certification

  •   demonstrate a commitment to ongoing education

  •   provide evidence-informed interventions 

Hourly leasing options available.























































* See more photos of building in GALLERY



Please email us directly for availability.

Room 1

This light grey room is approximately 250 sq ft
Some furnishings available

Room 2

This pastel green room is approximately 170 sq ft

Some furnishings available

Room 3

This pale yellow room is approximately 170 sq ft

Some furnishings available

Room 4

This light pink room is approximately 250 sq ft

Some furnishings available

Yoga Studio


Yoga studio available as an hourly rental space for pediatric/family programs.


  •   Yoga

  •   Meditation

  •   Martial Arts

  •   Dance/Movement

  •   Music Therapy

  •   Language/Motor Play group​

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